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Two years Meelogic in Bydgoszcz

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Bydgoszcz, 27.07.2020.

For the past two years, the new site in Bydgoszcz has been strengthening the Meelogic team, particularly in the areas of electromobility, autonomous driving and medical technology.

On July 1st, 2018, Meelogic opened its fifth location in the technology centre and university city of Bydgoszcz. The Meelogic site in Bydgoszcz stands for an excellent team and its very high quality of services. It enables the Meelogic Consulting GmbH to meet the growing demand for its services reliably.

Meelogic stands for quality. With our excellent employees, we are a partner of many well-known and international companies, allowing us to grow constantly

– Beata Napieraj

Meelogic looks back on two successful years in Bydgoszcz. The site strengthens the entire Meelogic team in Poland and Germany with its expertise in leading-edge technologies. Beata Napieraj, Business Development Manager at the Bydgoszcz site is proud of her colleagues: “Meelogic stands for quality. With our excellent employees, we are a partner of many well-known and international companies, allowing us to grow constantly”. Meelogic also provides numerous incentives for its employees in Bydgoszcz. These include flat hierarchies and diverse projects in which the team is providing best quality work. The modern Meelogic office is located in the heart of Bydgoszcz in the Arkada Business Park. Meelogic fosters an open culture and a relaxed working atmosphere.

From Bydgoszcz the team carries out projects in the fields of autonomous driving, electromobility and medical technology. Meelogic works for Tier 1 companies, including a leading automotive supplier, and have developed an intelligent backend application that facilitates autonomous driving, as well as a data integration service for early and precise warning of traffic obstructions. In the field of medical technology, colleagues from Bydgoszcz together with collegues from Szczecin significantly contributed to the development of a FemTech application for fertility tracking and natural contraception. Hardware design, prototyping and manufacturing, image processing on embedded devices, as well as design and implementation of algorithms were in the hands of the team from Bydgoszcz. In addition, the team handled a project for the development of an e-marketing marketplace platform consisting of several complementary products (including ad targeting, out-of-home ad planning and cadence monitoring).

The main areas of expertise of the Meelogic office in Bydgoszcz lie in the field of Java, C++ and quality assurance. The employer was present at several meetups. Within the established Java User Group Meetup series, Meelogic employees gave presentations on Blockchain and AWS Lambda, among others. The company also presented itself with great response at the BITconf conference in October 2019. In the course of the office expansion, all interested parties were then able to visit Meelogic at its Open Office Day in Bydgoszcz and get to know the company.

“We are now ideally positioned in Poland to meet customers’ demand for Meelogic’s high quality services.”

– Ayana Alemu

After two years, the IoT solution provider Meelogic is able to implement projects on an even larger scale with the latest technologies. Meelogic’s CEO Ayana Alemu points out “We are now ideally positioned in Poland to meet customers’ demand for Meelogic’s high quality services. By joining the GlobalLogic family, we are able to develop the latest technologies for our customers more flexibly.”



Meelogic Consulting GmbH develops IT solutions for a mobile and interconnected world on the basis of an in depth understanding of technologies and markets in the digital age.

The company was founded by IT professionals in 2011 in Berlin. With additional locations in Szczecin (Poland), Cologne, Stuttgart and Bydgoszcz (Poland) Meelogic is now working with international teams for well-known customers in their respective industries comprising automotive, medical technology, media, transport, energy, telecommunications, information technology, logistics and e-commerce.

Meelogic combines an agile start-up culture with years of consulting expertise, excellent know-how and a high level of reliability.

As part of the GlobalLogic family headquartered in Silicon Valley, Meelogic operates worldwide and offers a broader range of skills and technologies as well as scalability to suit customer’s needs.