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Neues von Meelogic

Meelogic becomes part of the GlobalLogic family

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Looking back on the last nine years, we can say with pride: Meelogic is a success story written by a highly motivated team which gives its best every day. Strong growth makes us happy as well as proud, but it is also important for the next few years to establish sustainable structures appropriate for the new challenges to be able to meet them.

Market requirements are becoming more complex and require more intelligence, broader systems thinking, in-depth expertise and extensive interdisciplinary cooperation. To meet this challenge, to develop our business sustainably and to expand our portfolio, we are now taking the next step:

Meelogic becomes part of the GlobalLogic family.

Being part of GlobalLogic, is an incredible opportunity for us to offer our clients a broader range of capabilities, technologies and scalability to meet their needs.

Both companies share a common vision. They support their customers in creating value over the entire product life cycle. This is not only about developing state-of-the-art technologies, but also about making mature products more relevant for digitally adept consumers.

We’re thrilled to be joining forces with GlobalLogic to take our combined organization to a new level of innovation and growth.


Please find the official press release here.