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Blockchain Business Meetup in Szczecin

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Szczecin, 2019-02-18.

Emerging technology Blockchain – Meelabs discussed with experts and participants at the Blockchain Business Meetup in Szczecin the deployment of the technology in companies.

The Blockchain technology moves the business world: it should reduce costs and improve trust, transparency and data protection in many areas. Whether finance, energy, logistics or healthcare – in hardly any industry is the disruptive potential of the technology behind the crypto currency Bitcoin not being discussed these days. But only a few people know exactly what this technology is all about.

A blockchain is a decentralized database consisting of a digital chain of data blocks. The chain is continuously extended by more blocks. The information stored in the blocks can be any kind of property right such as shares, title deeds or Bitcoins. By mirroring the blockchain in a network on many different computers using a consensus mechanism, the validity of the data blocks is ensured, a high degree of transparency is achieved and counterfeiting of the blockchain is virtually impossible. All in all, intermediaries for transactions would become redundant and blockchain technology could replace established methods in many areas.

Meelogic is also active in this exciting field and is driving various blockchain projects forward with its subsidiary Meelabs. To always stay up to date, Meelabs organizes regular meetups on the topic of blockchain in Szczecin. The meetups offer an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the community, listen to exciting presentations and exchange ideas with experts.

Late last year, it was time again, about 70 participants discussed at the Blockchain Business Meetup in Szczecin with the invited experts Przemysław Targosz (Fiat based Token), Hubert Matecki (TAXO), Jacek Kubiak (I love Crypto) and Arkadiusz Gos (KanBo) how Blockchain technology can be used within enterprises.

The following video shows some impressions of the event.



  • Przemysław Targosz (Fiat based Token) – “Blockchain – everyday use” How to combine fiat money with tokens to make digital money usable in everyday life
  • Hubert Matecki (TAXO) – “Technology-first approach in ICO regulations” What is the status of current regulations, what should be done in the future.
  • Jacek Kubiak (I love Crypto) – “Different faces of tokenization” Why non-fungible tokens might change investment market
  • Arkadiusz Gos (KanBo) – “How to collaborate in decentralized organizations” How teams can collaborate in transparent manner based on trust.


Meelogic Consulting AG develops IT solutions for a mobile and interconnected world on the basis of an in depth understanding of technologies and markets in the digital age.

The company was founded by IT professionals in 2011 in Berlin. With additional locations in Szczecin (Poland), Cologne, Stuttgart and Bydgoszcz (Poland) Meelogic is now working with international teams for well-known customers in their respective industries comprising automotive, medical technology, media, transport, energy, telecommunications, information technology, logistics and e-commerce.

Meelogic combines an agile start-up culture with years of consulting expertise, excellent know-how and a high level of reliability.

For about 8 years the Meelogic Consulting AG has been present on the Polish market and is building up its team in Bydgoszcz since a couple of months.