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MeeSummer weekend and teambuilding at the Polish Baltic Sea!

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Dźwirzyno/ Poland, 10.09.2018.

On the first weekend of September Meelogic Consulting AG invited to this year’s MeeSummer in Dźwirzyno . More than one hundred and thirty employees and their families came to the teambuilding at the Polish Baltic Sea under the motto “The beach is calling, can you hear it?“ The weekend offered an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and to grow together.

On Friday evening, all arrivals for MeeSummer met at a relaxed welcome dinner not far from the beach. For Saturday numerous program items and team activities were planned. After breakfast, the employees first met to the presentation of the company reports.

The corporate strategy 2018/ 2019 and further news from the Meelogic portfolio areas and the IoT world were presented. New employees and the newly opened Bydgoszcz site in Poland were greeted with strong applause. The management under Ayana Alemu also took the opportunity to introduce a special member of the Meelogic family: The subsidiary Meelabs was welcomed and some of the employees who are located in Szczecin introduced themselves personally. Ayana Alemu then gave the starting signal for the team rally on the beach with all employees and family members.

The team-building activity with more than 10 stations offered fun and games in group challenges for young and old. In teams, over two hundred and fifty Meelogic employees and family members collected points in unusual sports, such as playing football in large balloons. Other tasks promoted the creativity of the employees, who had to reach their goal together through obstacles. After a refreshment at the lunch buffet, numerous activities invited further exchange and networking across all locations. In addition to activities such as stand up paddling, beach volleyball, kite flying for children and Zumba, the so-called MeetMee book with unusual questions gave the opportunity to get to know each other professionally and personally in a playful way. Those who had collected the answers to most of their colleagues could look forward to a prize in the evening.

After the day in bright sunshine, the evening program invited to renewed exchange at the award ceremony and the barbecue. It didn’t take long until the dance floor was opened and filled. The delight and exuberance of the MeeSummer weekend continued to bring the Meelogic team together and left a wonderful atmosphere behind.


Meelogic Consulting AG develops IT solutions for a mobile and interconnected world on the basis of an in depth understanding of technologies and markets in the digital age.

The company was founded by IT professionals in 2011 in Berlin. With additional locations in Szczecin (Poland), Cologne, Stuttgart and Bydgoszcz (Poland) Meelogic is now working with international teams for well-known customers in their respective industries comprising automotive, medical technology, media, transport, energy, telecommunications, information technology, logistics and e-commerce.

Meelogic combines an agile start-up culture with years of consulting expertise, excellent know-how and a high level of reliability.