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Mobile World

Ever present and versatile: Mobile applications represent both an opportunity and a challenge.

After the PC, we have now entered the mobile age: 1.6 billion people worldwide are already using a smartphone. Currently, more than one billion tablets are already in use worldwide – increasing daily. Our teams have been working for years in the midst of the unstoppable advance of smartphones, navigation systems, wearables etc. This helps us maintain a clear view of economic and technological progress in all aspects of the Internet of Things, and enables us to implement the latest developments for you – for your day to day business and your final products or services.

It is clear today that one development is already on its way: Mobile devices will become the universal remote control for everyday life. This bundling of functions and new technologies contains competitive advantages for you in the long-term. But it also brings with it complex challenges and we want to work with you to overcome these.

Regardless of whether you want to realign your mobile strategy or wish to develop mobile applications in the Internet of Things – our consultants and software architects are on hand with extensive know-how and inspiration, and will show you what the market has in store for you.

We develop:


Our services and solutions:

  • Support in the creation of a ‘mobile strategy’
  • Prototyping & proof of concept
  • The development of
    • Mobile applications and communication solutions
    • Location based and social media based services
    • Multi-platform developments and business applications
  • Enterprise IT Integration

Our technologies

The mobile operating systems, platforms, frameworks and programming languages used by our experts includes:

  • iOS, Android, Android Wear and Tizen
  • HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Java, Swift, Objective-C, Qt, QML, C++, C und WebGL
  • jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, D3.js, AngularJS, Three.js, Cesium.js
  • Open Street Maps, Open Layers, Leaflet, Turf.js, HERE Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps
  • Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows Mobile, WinRT, XNA, WPF, Silverlight

Your contact partner

Michael Böckmann

Michael BöckmannDirector & Authorized Officer

E-Mail: mobile-world@meelogic.com
Tel: +49 30 400 419 34


Marco Blankenburg

Marco BlankenburgArchitecture, Consulting & Project Management

E-Mail: mobile-world@meelogic.com
Tel: +49 30 400 419 34


Stefan Schwenkenbecher

Stefan SchwenkenbecherArchitecture, Consulting & Development

E-Mail: mobile-world@meelogic.com
Tel: +49 30 400 419 34


Tomasz Efner

Tomasz EfnerArchitecture, Consulting & Development

E-Mail: mobile-world@meelogic.com
Tel: +48 91 88 285 32