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Embedded Development

Machines communicate with each other – and we speak this language in order that embedded software can operate reliably in the background.

The Internet of Things is no longer a vision of the future: Countless different devices and systems are interacting with each other. We develop the necessary embedded and intelligent networked software required for industrial IT, telecommunication, automotive applications and transport. The development of this is enormously complex and demands highly developed specialist knowledge which we have built up and refined for you over the years.

We offer you services including requirement management, project management, development and testing. Our particular focus is on reliability, security and improved communication of networked components, so that you have the solution which drives your business forward.

We develop:


Our services and solutions:

  • Embedded software architecture for different controller boards
  • Porting of software components to new operating systems and environments
  • Modular development with the emphasis on
    • M2M communication, integration of M2M modules from different manufacturers
    • Communication protocols
    • Position tracking and sensor fusion
    • System administration modules
    • Device drivers
    • Automotive applications
    • Software integration and initial commissioning of new software
    • Version management
  • Testing of embedded software components and systems

Our technologies:

UMTS & co, GSM, GPS, LTE, UPnP, Mirror Link, Bluetooth©, WLAN, USB, WIFI, C++, Qt, QML, Embedded Linux, Pike OS, Android

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Michał Oleńczuk

Michał OleńczukBusiness Development

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Reinhard Melzer

Reinhard MelzerArchitecture, Consulting & Project Management

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Tomasz Efner

Tomasz EfnerArchitecture, Consulting & Development

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