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Continual new opportunities also bring challenges. We are always glad to share our ideas on business development and portfolio optimization.

Faster, higher, further. Innovation cycles in the technology industry are getting ever shorter. You know the pressure involved in having to constantly supplement your portfolio with new ideas, brands, products and services to meet the requirements of the market.

We monitor the market very closely, by following what is happening in the mobile world, how the Internet of Things is developing, and looking at the innovations in the areas of embedded development and business systems. In this way, we help to keep your finger on the pulse of time. We analyse your business model and work together with you to develop strategies for the future. This may involve, for example, the use of mobile internet solutions such as apps, social networks or location based services. We are also happy to provide solutions such as communication technologies for embedded intelligent systems, for example mobile car communication and M2M, and to integrate these in your business applications and portals.

Our consultants have excellent industry-specific know-how. This enables us to prepare comprehensive feasibility analyses and designs for the implementation of your concepts using the latest technology.

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Christoph Falkenstern

Christoph FalkensternDirector Rheinland

E-Mail: consulting@meelogic.com
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Christoph Henke

Christoph HenkeArchitecture, Consulting & Development

E-Mail: consulting@meelogic.com
Tel: +49 30 400 419 34