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Our area of expertise

Within the universe of IT solutions we have specialised in particular in four industries.

Digital Media

We share our experience with you in order to lead your projects to success. If it’s about digital content and asset management, user friendly solutions for mobile multi-channel control or the integration of media sales platforms, then we are there to support you with our extensive expertise.

We will support you in the development of innovative solutions in order to optimise your business processes or to improve your current range of services. In doing so we rely on a range of approaches with ease of use at the fore in each case.

Automotive and transport

The future will be the networked car. Infotainment systems in the vehicle are already established and will also take a role in determining automotive industry trends in the coming years.

We have already been at work for many years in the relevant areas in order to equip the smart cars of tomorrow with you: Our work on mobile applications and telecommunications on the one hand, and for the automotive industry on the other has enabled us to bring together the competencies for equipping the smart car. We are happy to support you in the conception, development and quality assurance of software and of intelligent, embedded components for cars and systems.

As a system integrator we develop communication solutions and components for vehicles and machines. This means we can then connect their central systems with the networked world to create holistic solutions.

Industrial IT

The progressing development of embedded systems brings with it different and diverse opportunities within industrial information technology. Using new solutions you can develop new markets.

The rapidly growing market for industrial IT and embedded systems presents the challenge of increasing complexity and short innovation cycles – we help you to rise to this challenge. For this we provide you with the relevant know-how using highly qualified engineers.

Our services include the design of system architectures, software development and verification in the areas of telematics, medical technology, biotechnology and solar technology.


We have many years of experience of collaboration with leading network equipment providers and operators and also manufacturers of smartphones and tablets. Their innovations enable you to supplement and extend your solutions profitably.

Mobile devices & high technology

Our partners include a variety of manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices. Benefit from the fact that our range of services is directly tailored to services provided by our partners. We provide services and customized solutions in specification, software and platform development, integration, customer-specific adaptation as well as in the areas of quality assurance, field test, error analysis and tracking.

Network equipment providers and telecom network operators

Close collaboration with leading network equipment providers and network operators allows us to offer you innovative BSS and OSS solutions. In this way you secure a competitive advantage and the best opportunities for growth in the global markets. We take on the development and adaptation of different services, platforms, interfaces and front-ends as well as the integration and verification of systems.